Saturday, May 23, 2009

gone but not forgotten

A few last words on behalf of the tulips -

*  I thought something had died when I looked out of the window this morning.  Pieces of red strewn this way and that.  Bold stains on shy concrete.  Red enough to make the bricks blush.  Thankfully the victim was only the tulips - given up the ghost for another year, petals thrown to the wind.

*  An evening wind teases fallen tulip petals.  Spins them in ever decreasing circles - their red deepens as the light retreats. 

*  They looked like they should taste of burnt cherry.  They look like they should feel pain.  Unashamed to fall apart so publicly.  I wish we could live like tulips.  Not for long, but vividly, bravely.  I wish I could burn myself into memory and leave bloody fingerprints on your page.

Out with the old, in with the new.  Some plastic wrapped blooms that sit pretty in a vase on a windowsill.  And they too draw me in.  Into their light filled rooms, their hearts bursting with sunshine and serenity.  Delightful, but nothing like their wilder cousins.


Ani Smith said...

'Unashamed to fall apart so publicly.'

That is especially touching to me.

Annie said...

Gorgeous photo. I love tulips, but I think I love them most when they start to fall apart.

I always enjoy reading your posts, so I have given you a blog award - details on my blog.

Yoli said...

What a gorgeous photograph.

dandelion said...

'they look like they should taste like burnt cherry' you see things in such a stunning way...x

spacedlaw said...

I have given you an award. More details there.