Wednesday, May 13, 2009

the ghost with the most

Did I abandon my blog? or did it abandon me?  did anyone come in to cut the grass? did it feel lonely?  I didn’t mean to be gone so long.  I followed an interesting looking sentence and it took me further than I expected. 

I’ve been thinking about writing far more than I’ve actually been writing.  Perhaps this is one of the side-effects of The Artists Way which I’ve been working through for the past six weeks. 

It’s like I’m going wild with a cloth, erasing everything previously written on my blackboard.  The air is clouded with chalk dust.  At times I’m choking and I look like a ghost.  But I think it’s making way for a cleaner board, ready to drag that screaming chalk down it again and to see what I’ve got to say for myself.

There are a few things that are taking shape in my notebooks and may appear here soon - a ramble about bravery, and some small stories about strange girls, one who talks to raindrops, one with a red suitcase and a rather odd hairdresser.  


spacedlaw said...

Looking forward to the stories, as usual. They are such a treat.

4roomsandthemoon said...

I knew three strange girls once; one who wore a red hat adorned like a fisherman's hat with glittering "borrowed" jewels & one
who attempted (for weeks) to
make friends with a wild crow by offering it jewels pilfered from her sister's hat, and one who wore cowboy (girl) boots and a found square dance petticoat where ever she went. For no discernable reason, I really love your stories!

Mariana Soffer said...

Same thing happens to me about things and time happening without much of my awarenes. When is because I am focused doing some task (research/invention) I wonder if it's due to the Researcher/artist innate dificulty or if it is because I am an obsessive freak.
Loved the idea about the girl that talks to raindrops, reminds me of tim burton kind of character (like the ones from stain boy book)

An Xiao said...

I'm sure the writing will come back soon. We all have our ebbs and flows :)