Wednesday, April 01, 2009

an accident waiting to happen

with photographic thanks to dandelion

the ongoing observations of a tulip watcher -

*  while the crocus work their magic the tulips stay silent.  waiting.  bitter green knots of anticipation.  while the crocus are white and bride-like and virginal, the tulips want it known that they will be red.  they are planning dark deeds, riots and damage and bloodshed in the flowerbeds

*  these tight lipped tulips begin to bleed a little

*  love is discovering I’ve planted her favourite flower, without knowing her favourite flower

*  one day one lazy tulip collapsed over the side of the pot, by the next it found it’s feet again

*  in the bright spring sun the blooms open too far, they embarrass with their similarity to wounds, gaping and raw with a yellow infected centre.  they only show decency when the sun goes in and they draw themselves primly closed


Gordon Mason said...

Excellent observations in words. Particularly liked the 2 short ones of "tight lipped" and "lazy".

Annie said...

Wonderful phrase - bitter green knot of anticipation

spacedlaw said...

Wonderful! I love the idea of scheming tulips.

Pearl said...

yes, these tight lipped tulips begin to bleed a little
struck me as well.

Lori Tiron-Pandit said...

Bloodshed in the flower beds... that makes for a beautiful mystery novel title.

david santos said...

Really beautiful work. Excellent inspiration! Congratulations!!!