Friday, January 05, 2007

something in the air

Sometimes smell becomes my primary sense. When the animal in me still twitches its nose to show that domesticity hasnt completely tamed me.

A few days into the year and new lotions and potions are cracked open and applied to dry winter skin. And suddenly I no longer smell like me. I smell of a new me. A me who has wandered through exotic spaces and forbidden gardens, collecting spices on the soles of my feet and rare seeds in my hair.

And as my imagination races to the places my new skin might take me, memory drifts to the scent of moments left behind.

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dandelion said...

I too am an undomesticated animal - my nose is a highly tuned machine that adds daily to my emotional library of smells.

'sea sprayed meanderings' and 'melting chocolate expectations'....

you are amazing

fallen angel said...

Smell is most definitely the most evocative of the senses; it transports me immediately to the depths of my memory, and seldom in a bad way... x

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I'll never look at lotion the same! :)

fjl said...

I never understand why there aren't more commenters. This is such wonderful stuff. x