Sunday, April 23, 2006

love letters

She told me to eliminate words. So I did. When she starts to speak I draw in my breath - a suck of a whoop and I have swallowed a couple of phrases and she is left mouthing like a mute on a street corner. No-one listens. No-one notices.

When she writes I follow along a line behind and lick the page where she has laid her thoughts. My rough tongue laps up the little letters and she is left all gappy, incoherent and blank. No-one understands. No-one cares.


tea with the birds said...

'she is left mouthing like a mute' this reminds me of anxiety dreams when you try to speak but nothing comes out. I wonder who she is.
I love the repetition of 'no-one...etc' It really works.

Thank you for another inspired piece x

fjl said...

This is you at your best. I love the new template too.