Thursday, April 13, 2006

the constant gardeners

This is the light garden. The day and night garden. The place we toil and tend. This is the garden of the sky. This is the tree of days. This is the place where we feed and water and breathe with laughter.

We are the gardeners - growing thin. Growing answers that are growing dim. Choked by weeds that curl around our ankles with their constant questions.

And here is the girl who sits in this garden - on a bench repainted many times - with a piece of blue wool tied to the armrest - to remind her of things best left forgotten. She doesnt like surprises - she doesnt like shocks. So we tend to keep the seasons in check. To give her somewhere safe to sit by herself. Inside herself. On a bench repainted many times.


fjl said...

Oh I love that one. It's a Sickert reference, did you but know it. :-) I love 'Sickert the riddler', and I think you and he would get along very well actually! xx
He also had a love of Blake.


I love your stuff. I've bookmarked you. I'd like to get be engaged with the art blog scene... i had no idea other people did this kind of thing. Anyway, if you are inclined to do so, check out and i think you'll like them. Cheers. Aleysha, london E1