Sunday, April 30, 2006

liquid diamonds

When she cries she pays back her debt to the waves. She lets little fishes swim across her face. She calls the seagulls to dive and soar. Theres drumrolls in the thunder and the angels start to roar.

When she cries she drops out questions. Whats in a tear? - a rainbow, a kiss, another year? When she cries she falls apart like broken glass - crystal clear for those held tight, held near or dear.

When she cries shes the spiral in your eye. A wonderland, a nightmare and nothing in between. I've seen the blind form a queue and pay with their eyes just to listen to her cry.


teawiththebirds said...

There is something beautiful if not a little disturbing about 'fishes swimming across her face'.
I can't stop thinking about what might be in tears... Stunning.

fjl said...

Can I mosey into the mutual appreciation society :-)

I didn't like the first phrase. It's hard to write about tears without sounding corny and sweeping statements immediatley sound hollow. 'debt to the waves' ?
However during the next lines I forgot all that in the detail you provided, eg fishes swimming across her face.. which was moving and persuasive. (Well done x)

Harriet said...

This is totally beautiful. I love it.