Friday, February 19, 2010

unrecognisable truths

I always enjoy spending time browsing through the posts at One Million Footnotes, not least because the most interesting text recognition scrambles appear when I comment there. And perhaps influenced by the mood of the place, sometimes I can’t help but make up sentences to nest these unexpected words.

A recent dubious flock hatched the following -

  • He said he admired my fulogo and I admitted I had waited years for it to bloom that profusely.

  • As they lifted the deadverd stones from their mahogany chest and laid them into a perfect circle they knew that tonight was the night it would happen.

  • How ever much her grandmother combed or wetted them with spittle, she could never calm those unruly efrai that danced around her ears.

  • The seeds of the pandea were bitter between his teeth. But they made his dreams taste sweet.

  • The odabil was lost overboard, just as they rounded the lighthouse. It sunk slowly to the seabed and sometime later was appropriated by a shy hermit crab.

  • It wasn’t the first case of outterea they had recorded, but it was the worst. It didn’t quite kill the villagers, but they were left distinctly altered, unaware that they’d made it into the record books.


Lucy said...

Jem, thanks so much for visiting, it made the B of N thing all worthwhile.

Your writing is a wonder, I especially love the snow journalling.

See you again!

Emma said...

I love these words. They sounds like they could be part of the English language, but were left out for some unfortunate reason. Poor lonely syllables.

Pearl said...

that's a cool idea of make your own response. it strums with the sweetness of the eucles.

spacedlaw said...

Most excellent!
Now, off to tend the lameacres for me, they are bellowing like mad women this morning.

dandelion said...

what a great idea! I want to eat a pandea... I feel sad thinking about the odabil, lost...x