Sunday, February 14, 2010

a 3-ply valentine

This is the tissue that carried two drops of oil of eucalyptus. That lay folded beneath your pillow. That let you sleep and dream away the fever. That helped you be a hummingbird.

This is the tissue that you fashioned into a soft envelope. To treasure the eyelash. That you found between the pages of a second hand paperback. The day you fell in love with a stranger.

This is the tissue you clutched. That midnight we shared secrets. The ones you’d stood on for years. The ones that started to eat you from the feet up.

This is the tissue that caught your hayfever tears. Walking through the fields. Swigging cherry wine from the bottle. Looking down at the village we’d outgrown.

This is the tissue that blew overboard. Out on deck. Cross Channel ferry. Smiling and watching the others look seasick.

This is the tissue you found stuffed down the back of the sofa. As you sat with your coffee cooling. On the first Valentine’s day without a card.


spacedlaw said...

Lovely and sad.

Philo Sophia said...

This is the blog post that inspired me to follow you. Poignant, familiar words - depicting moments of joy, and heartbreak.

Crafty Green Poet said...

this is beautifully sad

jo :: feather and thread said...

That a tissue could help you be a hummingbird is beautiful. This is so full of evocative moments...lovely + sad...x

modern anxiety said...

This is just incredibly beautiful, poetic and poignant. Absolutely stunning work.