Wednesday, February 13, 2008

the history of love

[a list inspired by the title of a novel by Nicole Krauss]

is rotting in an unmarked grave

is chequered never polka dots

is a pillaged shipwreck

is second-hand

is a riddle on the tongue of the dumb

is growing paler by the day

is 17 syllables scribbled onto a folded playing card

is largely written in invisible ink

is a rhymers paradise

is a hurricane in a feather factory

is cause to carry an umbrella

is a unnamed god in an unlabelled bottle

is a secret splinter

is a ruptured aorta

is unpunctuated

is borrowed from a travelling library

is littered with broken lightbulbs

is stuck together with fairy glue


dandelion said...

oh when you do these book title posts i come over all peculiar - love love love this line: "is littered with broken lightbulbs" some of your best lines are here in this post i think...and the picture is lovely too...x

Poetess said...

I just found your blog. I do like this idea.