Sunday, September 10, 2006

reflect what you are

Last Monday I found a place that never took the time to find me. I saw seas of green and leaves that choose to linger. And I saw these shining fragments of infinity, raised a quarter way to the sky.

Ever intrigued, I pulled on my disguise to mingle with the locals as they perched on their branches and their backs of benches. And they explained this monument - this tribute to their abandonment of vanity.

For birds have no need for reflection - enough that they appear in each others eyes. They have no desire to admire their images. Why would you if you could fly?


tryingnottothink said...
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tryingnottothink said...

For someone who writes as beautifully and poetically as you; to write a comment like you did for scream before they pick your bones means something 'good.' But at the same time, worrying. I've been away for a while, (the big gap in dates) and as soon as i flew back, all this too came back. How easily we fall into a rhythm and style, sometimes not best suited.

Why do we have such a fascination for birds. we all want to fly and be free. yes. but...... the image is wonderful... (do you produce your own images?)
...why can't we fly free, cause we all have strings.

jem said...

Thanks for your comment 'trying' - and welcome back.

I often question why I am so often drawn to writing about birds - I guess its mainly because they are all around me - demanding my attention - demanding my words.

Sadly most of my images are borrowed from other people with a better visual eye than me - but this one I took myself!

fjl said...

Very romantic!