Thursday, September 14, 2006

memories form a disorderly queue

You’ve left the towels on the line again. One grey one. One blue one. Two hand towels. You’ve only got two hand towels. You’ve only got two hands. Our line - a green metal contraption strung with yellow plastic string. Also sporting a plastic peg basket full of plastic pegs.

I remember when we had wooden ones that darkened when wet. That squeaked when I snapped them open and closed. Making crocodile smiles. Despite warnings I couldn’t resist clipping them to my lips or the tip of my tongue. Speechless. The surprise greeting of pain. Always sharper and more lingering than you think.

I remember fetes with stalls where people broke those wooden pegs apart and reassembled them into new things. I had a rocking chair made of pegs - a miniature one, of course. Something used to sit in it. A doll, or more likely a bear, or more likely a duck. I forget the inhabitant but I remember the chair. So often the way.

You’ve left the towels on the line again. Drenched each night by summer storms, they begin each day a little heavier than the last. Don’t we all. Through the day they doze a dream of evaporation, casting off a haze of concern. Their only lingering worry - that they may be left there till winter to freeze stiff and snap. Don’t we all. Eventually.


dandelion said...

'Making crocodile smiles' This make me think of crocodile tears for some reason...

I remember having wooden pegs when I was younger - I much preferred them to the bright colourful plastic ones!

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

Great writing! The photo is perfect to go with it. Thank you for visiting my blog - now I know of another good place to visit. :)

Switchblade said...

Oh wow! Someone who can actually write intelligently and vividly. I love the way you use metaphors.

When I was young I used to swipe a couple of pegs and clip them to my upper lip - monster fangs.

Thanks for using my pic.

The Weird One, SXC.

Natalia L. Rudychev said...

Wonderful write! Deep and thought provoking. I like your attention to little details.