Thursday, March 23, 2006

unnatural advocacy

The Devils Handbook
13 things you should know about the devil - fact or fiction - you decide

Don't be fooled into thinking he exists in the singular.

Don’t expect to hear him coming - sometimes he whispers while sometimes he roars.

He doesn't need an appointment.

He won't always answer when you call.

His breath smells of peppermint while his eyes are the colour of cloves.

Don't think you will never see him fall because he lives in the basement -- he has ladders that reach for the sky.

His house may be crumbling but the roof is propped up by a cruciform beam.

Sometimes he appears so vile as to turn your stomach, then turns on the charm to make you fall at his feet and ask for his hand as he asks for your heart -- on a plate for his supper or his tea.

He's a patchwork puppet of all your fears and dreams.

He is a woman in disguise.

Sometimes he crawls through the forest, sometimes he walks through the door.

Sometimes he sails the seas in a paper boat made from stolen love letters.

He’s at his most dangerous when he appears most vulnerable -- curled asleep on his bed of angel hair -- as while he sleeps sweetly he dreams a dream of being you.


~Just Michelle~ said...

Things that make you go Hmmmm...

Your words reminded me that we are frequently (especially in my field) trying to advocate for others and can be oblivious of our own needs and fail to advocate for ourselves.

tea with the birds said...

Fact or fiction, beliver or sceptic, I think we would all be wise to keep these thoughts close at hand......... The most terrifyingly realistic part is the end; he dreams a dream of being you. I love it!

fjl said...

an excellent post.