Thursday, March 09, 2006

beginning to see the light

When I play god I sit at my table - the one with one leg shorter than the others. I never start with a level playing field. I could fold the history of this world and tuck it under to even things up - but I like to watch you shake and slide and cling on for dear life.

When I play god I dress for the occasion. Wrapped in a blanket of grey shot through with streaks of light. I am perfumed with a rumble of ozone and vengeance.

I play make believe. I play lets pretend my puppets have free will. When I’m thirsty I drink tea and slurp up the dregs of your fortunes. Even though they make me choke, I laugh at my own little joke.

I play devils advocate. I give you a box of matches, stand back, and hold my breath while you burn. When I play god my puppets play dead.


tea with the birds said...

'I am perfumed with a rumble of ozone and vengeance.' I can almost smell it and i'm scared.

fjl said...

Interesting that this is written on the day that one of the Iraq hostages are found dead.

jem said...

Any connection to real world news is purely coincidental.

But I guess writing is successful if it has universal meaning.

~Just Michelle~ said...

Ever play devil?

Perhaps he needs no advocate...