Monday, February 06, 2006

go outside to find the middle of nowhere

She asked me to look at the world differently. She asked me to squint. She asked me to take apart my surroundings blink by blink.

She was wrong. This is commonplace. We never see the maddening loop in its entirety. We greet each moment in isolation - unconnected from the one before. The present merely greases the way for the future, while the past whispers inadequacies in its ear.

the past has no significance and the future can’t be pictured’
Amanda Claybaugh

We are cameras. Primed and snap happy. We find peace if we accept that we hold only pieces - if we learn to value the single frame.

Like the
man who takes photos of his sky. Day after day, with only the colour and the light changing. The same sky, the same skyline, the same sigh.


fjl said...

Beautiful. Superb.

jkw said...

I really like the idea that 'The present merely greases the way for the future'

I think its true we are like cameras, but we never seem to be satisfied with just a single frame.