Tuesday, February 21, 2006

fractured elegies

We live with stained glass minds. Medieval minds. All individual pieces and improbable angles. Colours that huddle together to create stylised images of who we want to be. Forever chasing see-through heroes greater than you or me.

Melted minds. Childrens minds. Bright and bold like butterflies that flew too near the sun. Curtains hung in windows near the atom bomb.

Maddened minds. Fragments held together by leaden lines. Time held tight in a rickety frame. Overly weighty and overly thick - we let little light through. Just enough to cast ragged rainbows that slide in daily repetition across your floor.


jkw said...

Great picture.......melted minds, maddened minds - you say it all. I think i've seen the ragged rainbows you talk about.

fjl said...

This reminds me of a song that keeps dancing importunely into my mind, ..." we are perfect mirrors in the sun and we brightly shine, we are singing and dancing in perfect time, and there's nothing in the world that we can do, to stop the light of love from shining through..' I must get it ! :-)