Thursday, April 04, 2013

postcards from the edge

Approaching the end of a long winter, this seaside town creaks into life.  The promenade train is running again. 

Black-head gulls walk parallel to the ripples, all heading eastwards.  Large ladies in bulky coats squeeze onto a sheltered bench.

A gull watches pigeon shadows skim across the stones.  Amid scooters and screams a boy tells his mother he has found half a mermaid’s purse.  


polona said...

i love sesade towns in the off-season as long as the weather is bearable.
lovely impressions which make a larger picture together

dandelion said...

An evocative and poignant description of seaside life. I particularly love 'shadows skim across stones' a reverse of an image of skimming stones on a beach in summer. Also the 'warnings' that come between you and the sea - seems to say so much in one line and the implication behind the bouquets is sad but intriguing.