Saturday, January 10, 2009

fletcher's monkey

I have sticky attention.  It’s like double-sided tape.  I choose something to attach it to but the other side stays peeled and primed and ready to grab any bits of fluff and litter that pass my way.

I enjoyed the novel I just read, but a fleeting detail has stuck to my tape and now I can’t shake it.  A little red monkey drawn onto a lightbulb in a boarding school.  Everywhere I go that monkey is in my mind.  He has nothing to say for himself but still he lingers.

I wonder what keeps him here.  Is it his colour? or the unlikely place he hides? is it that he remained nameless? or that when we meet him he is the only friend of the girl far from home?  or perhaps it’s because he wears a fez?

Either way we are stuck together until my glue dries and he drops off.  And he’s got me wondering what other strangely attired beasts burn on bulbs that hide beneath demure shades.  What other primates flash sixty watt smiles.  He’s got me wanting to slip into other homes and draw snakes and tigers and jellyfish onto the light fixtures of strangers.  I want to know that someone somewhere is turning on a secret hummingbird at sundown.  


jo :: feather and thread said...

oh, the pictures you have conjured in my head! wow! And the monkey picture is so, very, very lovely...x

Lucy Corrander said...

I read so many blogs already, it would be foolish to suggest I will return often.

But I will - from time to time - and I'd like to say how much I enjoy and appreciate the way you present your blogs. Refreshingsly attractive and different.

Lucy Corrander

P.S. I wish it were easier to leave complements without sounding pompous! L.

Alex said...

Wow... that's really cool. I love the idea of little animals on light bulbs. I think I might just go and draw a snake or something (since they're easy to draw) on my brother's desk lamp light bulb.

It's a very interesting idea. I love your writing style too.