Saturday, March 08, 2008

wake to watch and blink away

Without a sound. That was how it happened. How it arrived. Like pieces of clouds fallen down. Like crowds of snowflakes clinging together for warmth.

quiet morning -
blood-speck confetti
in the flowerbeds

Fur that looked like feathers or feathers that looked like fur. White among the green. Macabre blooms on a thursday. White among the grey. A bad start to the day. Remains of skin and absence of life. All shape and sense stripped clean away.

fox kill
white fur scattered
in the sun

Blinding white collected and consigned to black plastic burial. Bloodless. Nameless. Movement reduced to prey.


Ashi said...

I can only say, I lack the words, what a picture - what a movie ...

polona said...

oh... a vivid rendering of a tragedy...

Crafty Green Poet said...

beautiful but chilling

spacedlaw said...

That is such a beautiful and terrifying image.