Sunday, November 25, 2007

the heart of glass

A few years ago I claimed that 'reflection is overrated'. In part I take that back.

Lately I’ve been drawn in by the union of images that take place within sheets of glass. Mirrors are monogamous, they hold only one thing in mind at any time and think most highly of themselves. Whereas windows are gluey - constantly craving to stick things together in shiny collages.

Sadly I don’t have the photographic ability or equipment to properly capture these moments - and I don’t have much skill with a sharpened pencil either - so I'll have to make do with a few words - scattered and rearranged on the page and hoping to convey these momentary conjunctions.


polona said...

i never paid much attention to reflections until i started looking at the world in haiku terms. and when you add photography to that, you begin to notice wonderful things.
reflections may be overrated but i never tire of them.
and your haiku with sketches further prove that fact.
thank you

An Xiao Photography said...

Gorgeous. I love photographing the multiple layers of windows - what's reflected, what's on, what's past. They're like modern lakes, in a way. Your haiku really capture that sense of multiple elements coming together.

AnnieElf said...

truly outstanding. you did very well with very little. that is often best.

dandelion said...

well, i disagree about the pencil comment - your sketches are mighty fine...
I love the haiku - it kind of reminds me of that dreamy state on the verge of sleep when things start to look a little surreal and peculiar...i find comfort in the thought of the moon being indoors with the light...x