Sunday, October 07, 2007

the one that got away

[an anniversary message from me and my blog]

Last Friday, walking home from the supermarket, down the ramp into the subway under the big road. An onion overtook us. We stopped for a moment, slightly stunned. And then gave chase. It was our onion you see, fallen through a hole in our carrier bag. We only caught up with it at the bottom of the ramp, once it had stopped its escape attempt. These days even the vegetables outrun us.

Two years on and I’m still writing here, still chasing the impossible - and you are still reading and sometimes chasing with me. For that I thank you.


polona said...

happy anniversary, jem. i hope you keep chasing the impossible for a long time.

jo :: feather and thread said...

no, it should be thank you - for guiding us through your impossible longings. congratulations!...x

Anonymous said...

No probs.
I also often get followed by vegetables