Sunday, September 09, 2007

art for arts sake

Up until recently nearly all of the images used to decorate these whitepaint walls came from my favourite free photo site. [Aside of course from those taken from the library of visual wonders that is my friend the dandelion]. I can spend hours browsing through all the weird and wonderful black, white and rainbow shapes that people are willing to share. And I nearly always manage to find a picture to suit whatever mood I am trying to convey.

But now I’ve finally got myself a decent camera, and I’m slowly teaching my eyes to focus properly, to catch my own pretty pictures. And so I thought I would repay a debt and share some of my photos with the site. They have quite strict criteria and only accept photos with decent lighting, framing etc. They also reject photos if the subject matter is not required.

Now… browsing back through my scraps and bundles I have borrowed a crazy array of images from them… so I am surprised to hear that anything is deemed unnecessary. But that’s exactly what they said of these two images that I offered up -

Obviously no-one but me will search out snapshots of a cardboard landscape - a papery city to wander through, where perhaps we might find ourselves a corrugated park, where we can stoop and pick some cardboard flowers.


WorkingWords100 said...

I enjoy them! Great snaps.

Dan Brough said...

I like the pictures, but I have an appreciation for corrugated, I sell packaging for a living. These look they are made from A-flute. Nice lines and contrast.

dandelion said...

What??? Are they blind? Apart from the fact that your lighting is perfectly brilliant, and the muted colour and angles are divine, apart from all of that it is one of the most innovative, unique and inspired use of cardboard I have ever seen. But maybe that is what they are scared of. You and your photos are brilliant. Oh, and can I come to the cardboard landscape too?...x