Tuesday, February 20, 2007

the closest to heaven

I wake to a garden left two shades darker. Damp from a night-time visitor.


lay scattered -
I never
see them arrive

Paper-made irises melt beneath the weight of water. Clumped and crushed they abandon faith in so-called spring. But their leaves never lose sight of their target. Throwing green lifelines straight up and out.

living lightning rods

channel raindrops

from sky to soil

Beckoning the clouds to come closer. Conducting the water that falls from on high. Directing each bead from tip to root. Feeding the need of their dry lipped greed. Sending hope to the hopeless.

[with photographic
thanks to dandelion]


dandelion said...

Sky to soil. What a journey that must be...
'Throwing green lifelines' I love this line. I'm honoured that my photo accompanies such words... x

polona said...

i love this haibun and the mood it conveys

getzapped said...

The first one is just wonderful! Beautiful work.

fjl said...

fab xx I love the metaphor.

Bitterroot said...

A beautiful poem, so lyrical.