Tuesday, October 17, 2006

unlikely treasures

Sick of complaining that I have words to spare with nothing to pin them to, I remind myself to look everywhere for inspiration, leaving no nook or cranny unexplored. And so I lead you to an overlooked. A place seldom glanced. Just spun a few revolutions each day on the quest for a clean sheet.

And I find a butterfly inside our toilet roll tube. Or at least the shadow of a butterfly. A black stamped symbol with four fold wings. There is a number printed next to it. Inky digits laid there for a reason.

Things like this preoccupy me and make me wonder what it means. Perhaps that toilet paper is made from butterflies. Or that butterflies are made from toilet paper. And that exactly one thousand one hundred and seventy six go into the making of each.

Bear this in mind the next time you sit in contemplation in your bathroom or your garden. Take care that your toilet rolls don’t take to the sky, or that your butterflies don’t dissolve in the rain.


teawiththebirds said...

"Take care.....that your butterflies don’t dissolve in the rain." Lines like this make me exclaim out loud and as long as that still happens, life is worth it!

norbert2 said...

I agree... a great last line. Imaginative and thought provoking... the joy and danger of looking too closely.

tryingnottothink said...

It's almost when you least expect it, that it arrives and it's beautiful and fresh and you feel like the only person in the world to have seen that detail and to have had that thought.

I always wonder why in that tacky lino flooring they imbed glitter. so that the floor we walk upon sparks, how romantic.

Anonymous said...

This brought a smile to my lips. Not something I have been doing a lot a today.

The butterfly is my main symbol of inspiration.

Maybe the toilet roll maufacturer's too?

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

You're so right!
(I think I'll go to the bathroom now. :) )