Sunday, June 18, 2006

glowing bronze, steering on

There is one particular road, on the way between here and there. A road I use on the few days when I turn my back on the sea and head inland.

A road where the music in my head comes alive. It trebles in volume, clarity, intensity. It lifts me from the pavement and carries me along. Low to the ground but gliding.

A road of harmonious oppositions. On one side those houses that all look the same. You can hear their shouting from the outside - even with the windows closed. On the other a graveyard. Deep and crisp and even. I don’t feel fear or sadness when I look through the railings - I’ve always felt comfortably alone in a crowded place.

Maybe it’s the lack of traffic. Maybe it’s the size of the trees. But suddenly I see where I am - fifteen odd years on and I am back where I began. I think the trees were smaller then, or maybe I was taller. Before I grew up. I was a little thought, on a little bus, from a big school.

And even then I was wrapped safe within my world of sound, muffled by blankets of necessary noise. And I realise so little has changed. And so much. I glide on, bittersweet in the familiarity of being me.

The proverbs claim - ‘It is not the destination that is important, but the journey there’. I disagree.


fjl said...

Superb. Fantastic.

Not quite sure I understand the crochet though is it still raining over where you are, or did you knit this one.


The Clown said...

I putting this comment to inform you that I've added you to my favorite links on my blogspot page. Not that it is important, but I've just used a small quote from this page of yours to go with it (which, I guess, I did without your permission). Please check out the quote and let me know if potrays your blog in the wrong light. You may also suggest some alternative lines to quote if you're dissatisfied with the one that I've quoted. I'd very happy to recieve your choice or approval for the quote. Thank You. Smile.

jem said...

Just a blanket, FJL. Thus linking to a point in the post. Sometimes I like to illustrate the little things over the large. And not knitted by me, but very visual nonetheless.

teawiththebirds said...

Sometimes I don't think there is anything more necessary than being wrapped in a blanket of necessary noise!
Great imagery you've created, especially with the trees - who got taller, who got smaller? Maybe it doesn't matter...