Thursday, May 18, 2006

reap just what you sow

Prompted by a particularly bountiful harvest I thought I would share my quote taking habits with you.

When I read I amble along the lines, step by step, word after word. Sometimes I run and sometimes I jump over gaps, large and small, paragraph to paragraph. Always ready for the tricky manoeuvre of climbing from one page to the next - I keep moving onwards in my travels.

But sometimes I stop. I stand still and gaze at the lines I have just traversed. There is something about them that makes me linger. Makes me take out my pencil and paper camera and capture them for my album.

Maybe its just a handful of words that together spell beauty and wonder - that hold my breath. These I will save to return to at those times when I need to steady my exhalations.

Or maybe it’s a creature with little hooks, that has gripped me, and sticks to me - begging to be carried onwards, demanding my attention to return to him, to talk to him, to answer and ask more of him. These I will save as questions to return to, to think more of - to perhaps guide me inward, backward, onward.


fjl said...

Fun one.
Do you remember Simon, who used to go over the wall with Henry into the land where they spoke differently? " Now you know my name is Simon, and the things I draw come true..." He'd draw a wall and his mate Henry turned up on the other side with a ladder, his face peeping over the wall. They'd pass the ladder to and fro, and go over the language barrier into each others' world. I thought it wonderful. " Henry take me over the ladder with you." I'd substitute my mates' names for Henry' and sing it when going about. ( I hasten to add I was five.)
By the way thanks for your lovely 'FJL land' comment. There is indeed such a place- you make no mistakes :-)

thoughts said...

nice blog you have , but I first has to get inside of it, thanks arash