Thursday, November 03, 2005

everytime she sneezes I believe its love

Innocent, imperative he asks why we are compelled to listen to music.

This is a valid question. This is something everyone I know considers. And as he says, we know that -

‘Music gets under one’s skin and behind one’s defences in a way that nothing else does.’
Jerry Fodor

We have all courted the virus, breathed in the sneeze. Knocked down our barricades, and invited the wolf to tea.

He suggests -

‘that it’s among the charms of music that it seems to be so utterly useless.’
Jerry Fodor

Pleasure for pleasures sake. Not a means to an end, but an end itself.

But also something more. A reminder - sometimes subtle, sometimes not so - a pinch, or a scratch that almost bleeds. We are alive - just - in a world determined to constantly remind us that we are very nearly dead.

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